School Does Not Always End at 2:15


Students from all around Malden, including Malden High School, Mystic Valley Charter School, and the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School are seeking tutoring in various subjects. Luckily, the Malden Teen Enrichment Center and Malden High School, are providing the help that students may need.

The Malden Teen Enrichment Center, widely known as MTEC, arrange a variety of different activities and programs for teens in Malden. The Youth Activities Leader Malden Teen Enrichment Center,Ted Louis-Jacques makes sure it is, “a safe and supportive environment for the teens.” Student leaders are providing help for all students in science, math, etc. According to Louis-Jacques, “students from all grades are being tutored. As long as they need the help and we can provide it to them, they can be tutored.”

Arlene Ceppetelli, the Tutoring Specialist at MTEC, is tutoring along with Meaghann Galdos, a current Malden science teacher, in room H416 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-5:30 at Malden High School. They are offering help in Chemistry, Biology and more. When asked about the program, Galdos said, “We think that there are a lot of students who may need help with completing their homework or studying for tests and quizzes, but are uncomfortable going to a teacher after school.  This program provides another avenue for students to get the help they need so that all students at MHS can be successful.” There is also tutoring for Math. Along with Galdos, Nicholas Lippman is also a current teacher at Malden High School and tutoring students for Math.

Students are encouraged to come to the teen center after school to join in on activities or receive help with school work. Malden High School and MTEC welcome all students and, “promote student achievements and celebrate all of our teens successes,” according to Louis-Jacques.

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