The ACE (Action for Climate Education) on May 1st held many interesting topics that caught the eye of students. The presentation mainly educated them to be involved in their environment and communities. Kathleen Maglio, the Advanced Placement Environmental teacher at Malden High, has set up the assembly so that students may learn about their environment and the reality of the present day world.

The speaker revealed statistics of carbon dioxide that will soon fill up the air people breathe and the fossil fuels that are in everyday use. The speaker mentions how fossil fuels are not a reliable power source because it will soon vanish.

Almost 97% of climate scientists predict that the rate of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases will become higher and higher. This is the reason for all the climate changes in the world. Among the 97% that agreed, only 3% of climate scientist disagree. The speaker stated that “those 3%  are the only ones who are heard” instead of the 97%.

It is up to the youth to take action. The audience of the presentation which were MHS student, were very active with the speaker. For example the speaker questioned them resolutions that could benefit the world in the future. Many students answered solar power and many others. The presentation consisted of many images of teens that are very involved with this situation. Students all over the country have united to help the cause and form a better future for the next generation.

The presentation went over the main reasons why Climate Education is so important and how it has affected todays youth.


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