Senior Claude Bonnet running the 800 event.

Working as hard as they always do to achieve their goals, the boys track team came out successful after their recent meet on Apr. 29, 2014.

The team is constantly striving for success through their hard work and dedication, but are also looking for ways they can improve. Senior Richard Mulo said that their “hard work finally [paid] off,” and says the team, “still has room for improvement.” Although this was Mulo’s first race, he still qualified for states and scored well for his team.

The team had a winning score of 99-29. Because of the great success and effort, the boys and girls track coach, David Londino, is "happy with the effort and result." According to Londino, the team is "heading into the major meets of the season, so the emphasis will be on improving top end speed." He is glad that they "are realizing the connection between quality workouts and quality performances, and [they are] pushing themselves to achieve."

Senior Daniel Gould is impressed with the win and believes that the "score reflects how good [their] team is." In agreement with both Londino and Mulo, Gould is sure that the team still has room for improvement. Gould thinks that they "can develop more to be stronger in every event."

Although the team is working on ways to improve, they are extremely proud of their wins and hope to continue to be successful at their upcoming meets.

Seniors Daniel Gould (left) and David Kibazo (right) running the 1 mile event.

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