David Londino: Coach of The Year


English teacher and head coach of the track team David Londino not only lead the girls indoor track team to their Greater Boston League (GBL) victory, but was awarded the Division 1 “Coach Of The Year”. An honor to receive the title, Londino believes it would have never “been possible without the effort of the whole team and coaching staff.”

There is no such thing as a perfect coach, but one who only helps you progress despite the critical inputs. Senior runner Richard Mulo described Londino as a “tough coach” who “works hard everyday trying to improve all runners.” Adding to what Mulo said, senior runner David Kibazo thinks of Londino as a great coach who “helps us not only realize our goals but attain them.”

Londino’s girls team, who ended the season undefeated and also league champs were the first girl indoor track team to ever win the GBL title. “[I] was very proud of their approach, effort, and result,” says Londino about his girls track team. There is no doubt that the some of Londino’s best qualities includes being a “great coach” and also his passion for running.  Kibazo mentions his overwhelming passion, but also reveals that he is also “very discipline.” Adding to that, Mulo agrees, and added that Londino is “committed to the sport”

A great accomplishment by Londino, who “more than deserved it” according to Mulo. The success that Londino brought  “ [reflections] where the Malden track program has been and will be heading in the future.” says Kibazo.

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