PJ Montezuma Head of Sports
Senior Captain Nick Ward in the wind up.
Senior Nick Mason catching the ball at second base.
Junior Dimitrios Kapotas playing shortstop with Sophomore Robert Collins in left field.
Junior Dimitrios Kapotas playing shortstop with Sophomore Robert Collins in left field.

The final innings have ended and the Malden High School Varsity Baseball team played with dedication all the way down to the last pitch. Standing in at a record of 5-13, the team fell short of making the State tournament by just three games. Being led by head coach Kevin Carpenito and senior captains Bobby Madden, Nick Ward and Philip Glynn, the team has gone through a season that was one to learn from.

Consisting of only seven seniors this year- Madden, Ward, Glynn, Frailin Medrano, Keyshawn Bridgeman, Matthew Delaney, and Nicholas Mason, the team had a lot of new faces and young potential that will lead the team to success in the next few seasons. The sophomores and juniors have played a major role on the team this year, “filling in some starting spots and eating innings on the mound” says Madden.

Glynn was honored to be one of the captains on the team this year, and having a “great group of kids on the team made it easy for [him] to be a leader.”

MHS had been triumphant against Pope John twice, Somerville High School twice, and East Boston High School. One of their best games on the field was against Melrose High School due to the fact that Malden came back from a 7-0 deficit; although they did not walk away with the win, they never gave up and played with determination. Madden pushes “[them] to be [their] best and coach [Carpenito] wants [them] to succeed both on and off the field” with admiration towards coach Carpenito.

The team finished their season on a high note winning their last two games which were against Pope John and Somerville High School. Although the season was not the best, the team built a bond playing through thick and thin by staying together. Although the record did not reflect their wishes Delaney “loved playing with the guys [they] had this year.” The team was a “great group of players and a better group of guys” said Delaney.

The end of the season starts a new era of the baseball team at MHS, a much younger team. They will have the experience of playing together for the next few seasons and can build a better team chemistry.

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