Class of 2016 Elections


With the summer of 2014 just around the corner, the class of 2016 is all set up and ready for next year with a set of officers. A mix of new and old officers, the student council includes president Samantha Forestier, vice president and Blue and Gold member, Cassandra Reyes, secretary Sreypech Tham, treasurer Lily Chen, historian Alexandra Lombardi, and head of leadership council chair Jilian Molokwu and Rory Milan.

Forestier, Lombardi, Molokwu, and Milan are all new, while Reyes, Tham, and Chen are returning officers. The class advisors include Principal Dana Brown and PACE teacher Dorothy Levine.

Forestier explained how taking on the role of being class president “[makes her] feel glad that [she is] able to be representing the class of 2016.” “[She is excited to raise more funds and being to organize many projects that will impact the next two years of [this classes] high school [career],” explained Forestier about her feelings towards being in charge. When asked her goals for the class next year, Forestier responded with “having many successful events, and making Junior Varieties one to remember.” With high hopes to “involve more people in class activities to create tightly bonded group of students” Forestier looks forward to taking over.

Reyes responded that she is “excited for junior year” because “[she is] hoping that the class will undergo a change and realize the potential [they] have.” Through organizing fundraisers and other engaging activities, Reyes hopes “to create lifelong memories.” Reyes is now in her second year as vice president and assists the other officers with anything they need help with, keeping everyone in order.

Tham reflected on how “since [she is] been secretary it’s helped [her] work on [her] leadership qualities.” With the job of being secretary to keep records and plan out appointments, Tham hopes to make “prom and senior year the best yet.” Tham looks forward to organizing activities with the class. “The key part to bond with classmates is to be approachable, trustworthy, and loyal,” explained Tham when asked to give advice on her position.

Lombardi is coming into the group of officers with a clean slate and a new camera. Since she is the historian, Lombardi says she plans to “document the next two years of our class”. When asked what her goals were for the class as well as her individual goal for upholding a leadership position, Lombardi explained how she “wants to make [the class of 2016] one of the most memorable classes that have ever walked the halls of MHS.”

As treasurer of the class, one’s expected to only care about the money, however, Chen has and expects to be doing so much more in addition for the Class of 2016. Not only does Chen wish to add more to the funds, “[she] wants [the] class to be more involved in the community, rather than focused only on money.” Chen “wants to make a good name for [the] class”, and hopes that everyone puts in the effort and collaboration that “[they] can be satisfied with the biggest moments in high school.”

A new addition to the Leadership Council is Milan, who is one of the two chairmen along with Mokulu. The Leadership council is an open council to all students looking to volunteer at events and fundraisers. Milan “hopes to get more people to volunteer some of their time to [the] class and help at events so [they] can organize more.”

The other chairmen and last new edition to the Class of 2016 election winners, is Mokulu, whom is an “advisor to those who aren’t on the student council but still want to be involved.” With high hopes of being “able to say that we were able to do all that we wanted to accomplish during our time at [MHS],” Mokulu wishes to make MHS history as a class. “[She wants] this class to be a model class for future classes to come,” confessed Mokulu as a dream.

The new and returning members of the Class of 2016 officers are more ready than ever to make the upcoming two years the best that they can. With high hopes for having a successful year, their upcoming year is full of key fundraisers like Junior Varieties.


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