The Graduation started off on a sunny day with an opening speech from Mayor Gary Christenson, along with the superintendent and so on.

The first speaker was President Monica Joseph who began the speeches by introducing the class of 2014. Joseph used three groups to characterize the graduates, one was the group that stressed about their future through their four years, others that wish to have challenged themselves more, and finally those that felt senior year had come too soon.

She explains each group and characterizes herself in the group of those who stressed and did not enjoy the great moments.Then Joseph ended her speech on a positive by singing the first lines of “Life is a Highway”.

The next speaker was Orator Nidal Hishmeh who gave his speech in a comedic way that caught the audience. Similar to other speakers, Hishmeh gave a piece of his own experience and used wrestling as one of the things he strived to do better and be better in. He referenced his favorite rapper, Kanye West, in order to show that if you work hard, you get the best reward: a diploma. As a fellow graduate he emphasizes the blind eye of looking at someone and not realizing who they are on the inside; he explains that everyone has the opportunity to be great.

Then began Salutatorian Raymond Chen who used his experiences of high school to grab the emotions of the graduates, family and friends. Chen focused on his time as a runner for four years and the influence that has had on his life and his character; he explained that “although [he] wasn’t the best, [he] worked hard doing it.” and he owes this to Coach David Londino. He also thanked other teachers for all the help they have given. Chen finishes his speech with the words “Thank You” to his fellow graduates that he calls family and to the many others that have helped him grow.

Valedictorian Vicki Ngan then gave a speech focusing on the future and the force holding all the graduates together. Ngan talked about her experiences in high school and the “tucked away 40’s” she kept under her bed; just like all the others Ngan is a graduate and has a future of her own to follow. She encourages the graduates to make their own choices and treasure the memories they made at Malden High School.

Finally Principal Dana Brown spoke about his advice that the graduates might use and the guidance for the future that the graduates are moving into. He explained that the “strain of holding on to the pain and struggles” that many have faced and he encourages the graduates to “let it go”. He calls all the pain and any of the grudges that were held the “It” and hopes that the graduates let go of “it” and move on with their lives. Then assistant principal Diane Klibansky gave out diplomas.

Watch the graduation montage video created by Jonathan DeCicco here.


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