Hockey: A Developing Tradition at Malden High School

By FELICIA FALLANO malden high logo The year at Malden High School is coming to an end, but there is a new sports team that is just starting to develop. After many years, the school is finally establishing a new hockey team with Revere. In the past, MHS has had a co-op team with both Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School and Somerville. Daniel Keefe, the athletic director for Malden High School, said that the co-ops in the past have not been as successful as he have liked them to be. Keefe hopes that this new team will be “more successful than our co-ops in the past,’ and that “it [will have] a long term sustainability.” Even though there were 20 students that signed up, Principal Dana Brown is worried that “[they cannot] sustain it because [they] have such a small number of students interested.” However, he is “happy for the students that are participating.” Keefe said the hardest part was getting everyone to agree about deciding whether Revere or Everett would be the better school MHS can team up with. Keefe explained he had “multiple meetings with the mayor, superintendent, and the principal of MHS.” Even though they had to approve, it was also important that the school committee agreed with the decision. There were financial issues involved in creating the co-op team, which made the six month process hard to put together. Although Everett was an option, Keefe said that Revere was  “a more viable team.” Brown thought the idea of this hockey team came from the “small number of students interested in playing hockey.” In the past co-ops, according to Keefe, there have not been many students willing to play hockey each year. When asked about the past co-op teams, Keefe said he was “surprised that there [was not] a hockey team established.” According to Brown, there will approximately be twelve students from Revere and six students from Malden. Because of the small amount of Malden students participating, Revere will be the home team. Brown hopes that there will be additional new sports next year, such as boy’s volleyball team in the spring. The school is “always looking for ways to explain what [they] offer.”

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