Finishing his senior year at Malden High School, Allan La is ranked number ten in the class of 2014. La has many accomplishments alongside his impressive ranking for someone who does as much as he does in and outside of the school.

During his time at MHS, La ran indoor track, outdoor track, cross country, and participated in gymnastics and tennis. Not being shy to trying new things, he was also successful, as he was a Greater Boston League All-Star for cross country and tennis.

However, La’s favorite memories come from his experience being on MHS break dancing team Air Bound. He enjoyed seeing Air Bound blow up and become more known as the years went on.

His freshman year, the group was not at the show-closer level yet, but they have now closed Junior Varieties for the last three years in a row. They also perform at the Pep Rally during MHS Spirit Week, as well as fundraisers. La feels that Air Bound “is the best, and [he] considers each and everyone of them family. Air Bound is forever, and will never fade.” No memory tops his performance at the 2014 Junior Varieties. La had injured his ankle days befor the show and could not practice his biggest stunt, which was a back flip. With all the anxiety and adrenaline he was filled with, and even with the injury, La completed the stunt flawlessly. “[He] landed the flip perfectly and [he] heard the reaction of the crowd. That is [his] favorite memory.”

La has lived in Malden since he was a second grader at Beebe School. During his journey of growing up, he has had his best friend, senior Danny Chen, alongside him. They have been best friends for the last 10 years and have done everything together, like breakdance, play basketball, play tennis, run cross country and even take the same classes. La hopes that Chen makes it big in college.

La will be attending Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He “wanted to get away from Massachusets, do [his] own thing, have a new start.” La plans on going there for engineering; although, he is not sure what type of engineering he wishes to pursue, he will take time to think about this once he starts taking classes in the fall.

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