Nidal Hishmeh

A rigorous student, Nidal Hishmeh will be taking much more from high school than academics. Despite taking a total of 11 Advanced Placement classes, Hishmeh also was able to balance many other clubs and activities as well as enjoying his time in high school and not feeling like he was “under any stress.” He attributes this to the fact that all subjects he studied were subjects which he had a genuine interest and passion for.

A prominent member of the wrestling team, Hishmeh claims that going to practices and matches was both one of his favorite experiences during high school as well as one of the most demanding, “both mentally and physically.” Wrestling did teach him, however, the product of hard work, and Hishmeh states that “seeing the fruits of [his] labors while wrestling was always a fulfilling experience.”

During his time at Malden High School, Hishmeh never felt the need to “step out of [his] comfort zone,” and only “did things that [he] wanted to do or found interesting,” which he believes is a contributing factor to his lack of stress in high school. His philosophy is that only doing things which one has a genuine passion and interest in will not seem like a chore, but rather fun.

As he leaves MHS and continues on his academic journey to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, he will not forget his humble roots and the school that greatly shaped who he has become, as a student as well as a person. The main lesson he will be taking away from his time at MHS is that “whenever you want something, you should work for it,” while still enjoying the process and remembering that high school is an experience which is only experienced one in a  lifetime.

Despite leaving MHS with a heavy heart, Hishmeh is also excited to move to the “Nutmeg State” and begin a new chapter in his life. Although he will definitely miss his friends the most, Hishmeh will also miss the unique experiences that high school provided him with, as well as the staff who significantly impacted Hishmeh, including, but not limited to, Brad Gelling, Sean Walsh and Brian Morrison, the teacher of Hishmeh’s favorite subject: physics. He looks forward to continue to work hard at Yale and to have the opportunity to meet more “awesome people,” in an entirely new environment.

Hishmeh is grateful for MHS and the preparation it has provided him with for college; he claims that “unlike smaller schools, [MHS] has its fair share of distractions.” Over the years, he has developed the ability to balance everything and hopes that this skill will carry over to college and his future, where he hopes to pursue an MD-PhD and become a medical researcher. In regards to underclassmen, Hishmeh advises them to “open their minds” and be aware that “just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean he or she is right.”

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