By CASEY LYONS Christine Le

Undoubtedly focused on her future endeavors and vowing to improve procrastination habits, senior Christine Le will graduating as one of the top ten students for the class of 2014.

Although the application process was not an easy one, Le has happily chosen to attend  Northeastern University next fall. Essentially, Le made this decision due to the fact that Northeastern had the most to offer and because it is one of the best engineering schools with a co-op program that gives her the opportunity of a hands-on experience before she even graduates. Also, having planned to follow in her father’s footsteps, Le knew she wanted to pursue a career in engineering but was not sure what type and decided upon biomedical engineering after some research. She is also aware that her major could always switch in the future and that “there is definitely room for change in the future.”

But along the way, Malden High School has became Le’s second home. It harbors some of her best memories and began friendships that she will never forget and cherish always. Her experience here at MHS has “made [her] realize who [she] is, what [her] values are, and what [she] wants out of life.” Her memories of MHS largely include meeting new people and having the opportunity to get to know them which is what Le is excited for in college.

Along with meeting new people, one of her best memories consists of winning the NESBA championship her freshman year in marching band. But she will never forget the countless laughs she’s shared with members of the tennis team, and a humorous dance to what does the fox say with Mr. Brown along with her friends on Wacky Tacky Day. Overall, Le is proud to say that she has met people that she will remain friends with in years to come but going to college will also give her the opportunity to truly discover herself and learn to be independent which she could not be more excited about.

In high school we gain advice but Le believes that it is important to never be afraid to speak up. Le says that it is evident for one to be able to voice their opinions because “it can take a while to break out of one’s shell.” Le says that she did not fully stop being shy until halfway through her junior year but in the end it is worth it because she is able to connect to new people and be more comfortable to speak her true opinions.

When it comes to high school Le admits that students should “not to take anything too seriously” because “we’re teenagers - not everything is life or death.” Being focused on what matters is what is important so that you do not become worried over the little things. Le has experienced it all and offers her best advice that lead her to her bright future that awaits full of excitement and prosperity.

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