Recycling is an important action to be taken to protect the environment but is often overlooked. Malden is trying to inform its citizens about the necessity of recycling so that residents recycle on a daily basis. On Saturday Sept. 20, the Department of Public Works (DPW) hosted “Malden Recycling Day,” which is held twice a year. The first recycling day was on May 3 of this year. Solid Waste Inspector, Ron Zanazzo, had been in charge of the recycling program. The event “encourages people to not put items that can be recycled in the trash” stated Zanazzo. Items that were brought to the Department of Public Works included all types of paints, computer parts, tires and much more. To prepare for the event, “calls to the vendors [had to made],” explained Zanazzo. Zanazzo and Officer Peg MacDonald described the event as “green,” “ great for the environment,” “and great for community service.” “Malden Recycling Day” had been featured in one of Malden’s local newspapers and was put on the DPW’s Facebook and Twitter pages, resulting in, as MacDonald described it, as a “greater turnout [than was expected].” All of the people who helped with the “Malden Recycling Day” are in agreement that they would like for this event to happen more than twice a year. Zanazzo pointed out that this event used to happen “four times a year, but then the city did not have enough money for that to happen anymore.” Next year, those associated with the event hope to get even more people to come and recycle their household items no longer needed. “Malden Recycling Day”  brings people together.  

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