Chemistry teacher Ameilia Cianci posing for her teacher profile picture.
Chemistry teacher Ameilia Cianci posing for her teacher profile picture.
BY ROBERTO DE OLIVEIRA & FELICIA FALLANO Former student teacher Amy Cianci is continuing her teaching experience here at Malden High School. Cianci returned this year to teach chemistry courses, which include two honors classes and three college-preparation classes. Her interest in science developed at a young age, developed through her grandfather, an engineer, who educated her about science, prompting her teaching career. While attending high school in Topsfield, Massachusetts, Cianci enjoyed playing soccer, swimming, and tennis and still plays them in her free time. She continued her interest in the sciences and after her graduation, Cianci ventured off to College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. There, she majored in chemistry. After her time at Holy Cross, Cianci was offered a job in a BioTech Lab named Stemgent where she worked with regenerative medicine, which is medicine that deals with the process of replacing or engineering human cells, tissue or organs. Cianci also worked at Boston's Children’s Hospital in the department and volunteered to spend time with patients at the hospital in the evenings. When Cianci realized that she was unfulfilled with lab work, she decided to pursue teaching. At Boston University, Cianci received her masters of arts and teaching. She found her time at Boston University enriching because it was a big change that offered many opportunities. From there she began her teaching career in Malden High School as a student teacher for Phuong Ho. Cianci mentioned that her student teaching experience was the reason why she loves MHS. She described that “everyone, students and teachers, was proud of being a part of the MHS community”. This sense of community reminded her of her own high school in Topsfield. She had a great time as a student teacher, and is excited for the upcoming school year. Principal Dana Brown commented that he believes  Cianci to be  “caring, very smart, and likes young people." He added, "She did an excellent job filling in last year and we felt she deserved a chance as a full time teacher." In addition,  sophomore Alinny DeAndrade stated that she “enjoys [her] class,” and is, “looking forward to chemistry class this year.” As an MHS teacher, Cianci finds it important that students understand how chemistry is relevant to life and  to have a solid scientific education. Her interests however, do not only range in chemistry. She also enjoys baking because it involves chemistry, running, and spending time with her friends and family. This year, she is also advising the Asian Culture Club with Katherine Haskell, which she is very excited about. These diverse interests show Cianci to be a great addition to the MHS community.

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