New history teacher, Duncan MacLaury in his classroom.
New history teacher, Duncan MacLaury in his classroom.
BY MEGAN DOWNER & CANDELA DIAZ Malden High School welcomes one of its newest addition to the staff, world history and psychology teacher, Duncan MacLaury. MacLaury grew up in New York but he moved to Boston where he attended Tufts University, majoring in history. He he has a love for reading, and traditionally re-reads The Lord of The Rings, or The Hobbit every year. He also describes himself as someone who is outgoing and loves to meet people as well as learn about them. As an undergraduate, MacLaury attended an education class at Tufts University. Fellow history teacher Jonathan Copithorne, who also teaches at MHS ,was one of MacLaury's classmates. Copithorne stated that MacLaury was "very bright," and described MacLaury as "confident" because he was unafraid to raise his hand, even though he was the only student under 21 at that time. While studying at Tufts University, MacLaury majored in United States History. His interest in the subject grew after he attended a class on the Black Panther Party.The class gave him a different perspective on the importance of the subject. The professors at Tufts positively influenced MacLaury and acted as role models to him. Their interactions with their students has been admirable to MacLaury. In the future, MacLaury hopes be as good of a parent as his were, and raise his children similar to how he was raised. People such as Hannah Hart, a youtube sensation, inspire MacLaury with their passions. Before becoming a high school teacher, MacLaury was a student teacher at Dorchester High School. MacLaury loves interacting with all the students, and is fascinated by the 130 students who he can talk to about history and psychology in his classes. The social studies department has been very welcoming and helped him settle in. MacLaury hopes to “do the best [he] can with what [he has], then build on that next year”.    

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