History teacher Ellsworth Fersch working on his computer.
History teacher Ellsworth Fersch working on his computer.

History teacher, Ellsworth Fersch, is joining the Malden High School faculty officially this year after having been a student teacher here, working with both Michael Lightbody and former MHS teacher Jamie Green.

However, that was not his first experience in front of a class, having taught English abroad in Korea for six years, a job that left him with the ability to hold a conversation in Korean. A native Bay Stater, Fersch got his undergraduate degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst and his masters from Northeastern University.

He is currently teaching United States History I and Modern World History, commenting that he would like to teach all levels and types of history classes at MHS, from College Preparation classes to Advanced Placement, along with other elective classes.

To the Fersch family, teaching is nothing new: both of Fersch’s brothers are teaching middle school ELA and his father is teaching college psychology and law classes, respectively. However, Fersch ascribes his interest in history not to his family but to his belief that “history created the world as it is now” and that it appeals to his inner traveler and adventurer. Speaking of his love of travel, Fersch said that he would like to visit India, revisit Korea and go to Africa.

During high school, Fersch was an active member of the school band, playing the trombone, and a participant in various other jazz and concert groups. He was also a member of the Spanish Club and a volunteer tutor for other students at his school. Today, Fersch no longer plays the trombone, a loss which he doesn’t regret, but instead enjoys hiking, biking, and riding his motorcycle.

When asked about his decision to come to Malden, Fersch said that he heard it is “a great place to get experience” from his Northeastern connections and that the school has a good reputation. Fersch also stated that “[he likes] working with kids” and that he is “impressed every day with how respectful [and]  hardworking” the student body is in Malden and that he is excited to start his first year working with them.

Fersch also made clear his appreciation for the help that fellow teachers Green, Lightbody, and Gregory Hurley, and history head gave during both his student teaching and his preparation for his first year teaching in getting him acclimated to the environment and in showing him the ropes.


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