“A Day in the Life”: Mr. Mastrangelo

After following Mr. Mastrangelo for "A Day in the Life" series, we found that the  assistant principal at Malden High starts his mornings and ends it with a forty minute commute home. During the course of his day, Mr. Mastrangelo deals with kids who cut class, overlooks the lunch room, monitor the halls and attends meetings with parents, teachers and staff. As you may have guessed, being an assistant principal is not easy especially since Mastrangelo not only deals with stress from his own duties but he takes on the stress of the students. From students that are struggling in classes to students that cannot afford a mean, Mastrangelo stands as a figure of guidance and support to his students. You can find Mastrangelo at several after school events in support of his students, from prom to soccer and football games.  

Though stress is a big part of Mastrangelo’s life it does not stop him from his job, Mastrangelo looks at his job with a positive attitude and often jokes around with Ms. Slattery and seen laughing with Mr. Kilbride during lunch. Along with surrounding himself around positive staff, Mastrangelo is grateful for forty minute commute home that allows him

Mastrangelo during his interview.
Mastrangelo during his interview.to process the day’s events to not bring that stress home with him.

Mastrangelo grew up in and hoped to pursue a career in Wakefield and for a period of time Mastrangelo taught, coached and overlooked the athletic department at Wakefield High. Opportunity knocked on Mastrangelo’s door as an opening for assistant principal had cleared up. However a turn of events had brought him to Malden High School, though not getting the job he originally wanted Mastrangelo believes “that everything happens for a reason”, and that he is very happy with where he is especially with “the diversity that Malden High has to offer."  If it weren’t for this turn out, Mastrangelo would not have gained the knowledge that makes him a successful principal. What landed him here were many years of experience and dedication as a coach, an athletic director, a teacher and a Dean.




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