Book cover of "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" Image taken from Wikimedia.
Book cover of "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" Image taken from Wikimedia.

After submitting applications to colleges in Illinois, Maryland, and Vermont, the realizations began to set in and the questions began to erupt. How often can I visit home? Will I regret going so far away? How badly will I miss being in Massachusetts? I have not thoroughly thought about how difficult it may be to leave the nest.

Leaving Massachusetts was a no brainer at first. With the option to apply to colleges anywhere in the country, it was an easy decision to apply to colleges in varying states. Many wondered if my desire to leave home is a result of wanting to escape a nagging family or being sick of staying in one location- the answer had been “no” to both.

It was actually a lot more difficult to choose to leave such a large, animated family because it is unimaginable that I will not see them as often. However, with their support, it was an easier decision. And living by a city like Boston made it even more difficult to make the decision to leave. The thought of not riding the infamous T or taking trips to Back Bay or Faneuil Hall was saddening, yet I figured that the excitement that came from discovering the beautiful things about Boston would be just the same when exploring a new city or location. Applying to colleges out of state was a decision made based on the opportunities that would come with it.

College itself is a grand adventure, let alone going out of state. No matter where you choose to go, you will experience a sense of independence. You can no longer expect to come home to your parents’ cooking or be required to abide to curfew rules. There are no limitations to what you can do and only you can decide how to manage your time and responsibilities. With the reality of college settling in, it sounds easier to just remain stationary and to stay close since you can always turn to your support system when school got rough or for any reasons. But with the opportunity to further your education in a different state, who would not want to take it?

Yes, for some it is easier to pack their belongings and leave but it is a choice everyone gets to make when choosing where to apply. To me, it is one of the first bigger decisions I will make as an adult because not only am I deciding where I want to build my future, but I am deciding where I want to, essentially, live and develop.

Not everyone feels the same about leaving for college, but there are many perks. Leaving allows you to become more cultured and it gives you the opportunity to build your tolerance of adapting and accommodating to a new environment. There is also a plethora of opportunities because different areas offer different opportunities.

For instance, the fashion industry thrives in New York meanwhile politics is a significant aspect of Washington D.C. Also, going away does not mean that you are stuck in that state eternally; there is plenty of time to return home- especially when you finish school. Do not fear leaving if that is affecting your decision. Reviewing the negative aspects of going out of state will only distract you from the endless possibilities and positives aspects.

It becomes more real when you make the final decision of where you want to go, but that moment has yet to come. In the end, wherever you choose to go will give you the opportunity to experience independence and start the fresh, new chapter after a long, memorable one had just ended.



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