Gymastics Senior Profile: Son Nguyen

Senior Son Nguyen initially joined the gymnastics team due to being “intrigued by flips and tricks” and “stoked” to find a sport that involved that and would “improve his breakdancing.” As he has become more involved in the team he has found that he loves many aspects of gymnastics. In fact, Nguyen’s favorite part about gymnastics is that he is always “learning something new” whether it is “on the vault, bars,” or just learning to be “a better teammate [and] gymnast.”

Senior Son Nguyen posing for his senior profile for gymnastics.
Senior Son Nguyen posing for his senior profile for gymnastics.

Although gymnastics may not be a prominent part of his future it has given Nguyen a “great learning experience,” that has positively affected his life and his dancing. However, he is sad to be leaving and will miss “seeing the teams progress.” He also will miss his team, which he says is “filled with extraordinary girls.” According to Nguyen the team is “supportive of whatever anyone is working on” and they are always “glad to help one another improve on their skills.” He admits that he “adore[s] each and everyone of them” and is “truly glad to be able to call them [his] teammates.”

Nguyen says Coach James and Coach Whitney are “really fantastic people.” He says Coach James is someone who “believes anyone can do anything as long as hard work is put into it.” He says that she pushes you “to your limit,” always wanting you to “do your best” and to “try new things,” helping you succeed. Coach Whitney as well is “extremely devoted,” to “helping the entire team improve” and always helps makes sure everything is ready for competitions. Nguyen wants to sincerely thank the coaches for all their hard work and dedication to helping him and the team improve.

For anyone who might be interested in doing gymnastics in the future, Nguyen says that they should be, “confident,” and “have fun with it!” Although the events may “look intimidating,” you just have to “push yourself,” to try new things. If not, then you will “miss out” on some “great experiences.”

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