Boys Lacrosse Profile: Steven Sexton

Sophomore Steven Sexton is a vital member of Malden High School’s boys lacrosse team. Sexton has been on the team since his freshman year and is an attack.

Sexton began his journey into the fast-growing sport during the “summer of eighth grade to freshman year.” He was introduced to lacrosse by a friend who lended him one of their sticks and from then on, Sexton’s life changed.

The more he played, the more he began to fall in love with the sport. The harder he fell, the more intensely he began to dedicate himself to bettering his skills. Sexton loves how thanks to lacrosse, he is “able to spend time with teammates and being able to work as a whole and get better as time goes on.”

To Sexton, lacrosse “is a gracefully violent sport that is entertaining yet serious at the same time.” This is very evident in his how he plays as he is very aggressive and puts forth maximum effort in all his plays.

Sexton confesses lacrosse “means a lot to [him]” and before the season began, he was anxious for it start. He wishes for the team to improve its record from last year, which was met after the win against the Everett Crimson Tide.

The best part of the sport for Sexton is how it has allowed him to “meet new people and [let] [him] work with [them] to gain team chemistry” and lasting friendships.

He advocates for the sport and says “anybody who is interested” should definitely give it a try. He would love to “spread the sport as much as possible” to share his love of lacrosse to others.

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