The Class Of 2015 Says Farewell


On Sunday, Jun. 7, the Class of 2015 graduated from Malden High School, leaving behind years of memories and experiences and moving on to bigger and better things. Families and friends gathered at Macdonald Stadium to watch this momentous occasion. Volunteers from the Class of 2017 and Class of 2018 were also there to sell water and slush to attendees.  

Valedictorian Eugine Szeto and Salutatorian Olivia Verdone spoke at the ceremony, along with Class of 2015 President and Blue and Gold member Julie Lam. Other speakers included Principal Dana Brown, Mayor Gary Christenson, and Superintendent David DeRuosi.

“There’s probably actually no better feeling than [seeing all these kids graduate today],” Mayor Gary Christenson says. “It’s a recognition of what hard work and dedication can result in by all these graduates being here today. I know by what I’ve seen at this high school that I know they’re all well-equipped. What I’ll miss most about this particular class is their willingness to give back [to the community].”

“The [Class of 2015] is a great group. It’s been an exciting four years. They’ve brought a lot to this school in terms of enthusiasm and support. Great academics, great athletics, this is a terrific group.” Principal Dana Brown remarks. “Some many of these students have had struggles in their lives and getting to this point is really a big deal. Others haven’t had those struggles but they’ve worked really hard to achieve their goals and dreams.”

“It’s a different story for everyone but it’s still exciting for everyone,” Brown added. “Once they have graduated, that’s it. We’ll never have this group together again. This is the final time that the Class of 2015 will be here all together.”

“[He] spent two years at Malden Catholic but these two years at [Malden High] have been amazing,” Graduate Elijah Jean-Baptiste says. “I’d have to say my favorite part of my high school experience was play production. It was where I really got to find myself and meet new people. I’m going to school next year to become an actor because of that class.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!




 Check out the full selection of speeches from the Class of 2015 graduation here.

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