Malden’s Career Center: Employing the Youth of Malden

Are you a high school student looking for a job? Look no further. Say “hello” to the Career Center. Students who are at the age of 16 can apply for a job given by the Career Center. In 1938 the federal government regulated child labor through the Fair Labor Act, restricting how much a teenager can work.

It was created by the state of Massachusetts with “the purpose being to teach teenagers about work readiness skills” says Sara Dillingham, a worker from the Career Center who helps teenagers prepare a resume, succeed at job interviews, and help search for jobs.

From working in Assembly to working in the Galleria Mall, most of the jobs applied to by teenagers are to retail stores or to restaurants. The paid amount depends on the student’s position, from minimum wage to $13.00 an hour. The amount of hours and days depend on the employer’s needs and the student’s availability at that time. The jobs are all based on the student’s accessibility, revolving around choice and the student’s availability.

It is essential for students to prepare for jobs in their future, but students should also focus on their education. The Career Center accepts students of 16 years or older due to wanting younger students to focus in school more and pay more mind to their education. The Career Center is a helpful way to get started on preparing for jobs in the future and having students encounter jobs for them to have work-ready skills in their life.

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