Malden’s Community Resource Fair

 On October 15th, organizations and agencies around Malden gathered at Malden High School’s library for the Community Resource Fair. Teachers came to view, talk, and gathered info. The point of this fair is if a teacher has a specific student, for example does not have anything to do after school or does not get nourished at home, the teacher can contact the organization to help that student. 12 participants from the YMCA to Malden’s Promise were in attendance.

Malden’s Promise, a participant of the fair is ¨a coalition that provides the city, schools and community organizations of Malden with a supportive network to communicate, collaborate, share resources and provide opportunities for Youth.¨ Karen Perez, a representative says the purpose of the coalition is for people who need help  with issues like Mental health and substance abuse, the connection lack of adults advocates and deficiency of awareness and the access to community resources.

Entering in its 4th year, Marie Doehler, the adjustment counselor and a representative mentioned that Malden’s Promise ¨started with a grant to improve the dropout rate in Malden.” A past study has shown that the dropout rate of Malden was 7.2%, which is approximately 117 students. After the people in the community and school talk it over and developing programs like the Graduation Guru Campaign, in 2013 the rate decreased to 2.2%,which is 20 students. One of their most successful developments was creating an app for the resources.

Karen Steele is the director of PCSM (Partnership For Community Schools.) Started fifteen years ago, the organization provides afterschool programs like channel surfing from kindergarten to eighth grade for Beebe, Forestdale, and Ferryway. They served about five hundred students and provide them with ¨academic enrichments¨ to have greater success in school. It can also help them socially and emotionally like developing friendships and building up their self esteem.

Started in 1876, the YMCA is one of the most successful organizations around Malden.  They have programs that start from infant all the way to senior years and they are are relatively affordable. Representative Jose Mendes says it is to ¨build spirit, mind, and body.”  Programs include swimming, basketball, music, etc. The goal is to get people to get on a road of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The YMCA is located at 99 Dartmouth St. Malden.

The Bread of Life, started in 1980, focuses on nourishing homeless, needy, isolated families around Malden. They offer meals four nights a week each evening, food pantry, clothing for free, and deliver groceries to seniors. The organization also have many partnerships with high schools, churches, synagogues and other organizations in the community.

Another organization that was in attendance was the Chinese Culture Connection, a free program that helps students with learning the Mandarin language and homework support. Mei Hung Ed, the representative, mentions that they trained students to become mentors and leaders for ELL students and help immigrants to learn about the American culture. The CCC partners up with other groups to organize cultural festivals and activities such as the Moon Festival, Dragon Boat, and the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration. The goal is to bring the Asian community and Malden’s together. Other organizations that were in attendance were the Hallmark Health System, which provides healthcare services and Cambridge Health that focuses on sex ed and raising awareness.

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