Here are updates for the week of October 5 on current events in Malden.

Some  information was pulled from the morning announcements and the Tornado Times.



  • Girls Soccer          10/8/15: @Methuen 10/10/15 @Lowell
  • Field Hockey        10/5/15: @Methuen 10/7/15: Everett 10/9/15: Triton
  • Football                 10/9/15: @Chelmsford
  • Golf                        10/5/15: GBL Championship 10/9/15: Lynn Classical
  • Girls Volleyball     10/9/15: Lowell  
  • Cross Country      10/7/15: @Medford    

NOTE: @=Away Game



  • The final six choices for the Malden Reads book has been chosen, and the absolute final choice will be made at a meeting on October 13.
  • A peer tutoring program is being hosted at the Malden Teen Enrichment Center starting Tuesday October 6 from 3:00-5:00/5:30.
  • There has been a flood in City Hall at the Central Office, and the SPED offices and Superintendent’s Office is now located on the First Floor of the Holland Building in the high school.
  • Greg Cook has a window design at Malden Access Television (MATV). The design is bees pollinating strawberries, and it will be there until October 12.
  • There is a Blue and Gold art sale going on at 350 Main Street, Commerce Place until October 7.
Students prepare next to City Council member Steven Ultrino.
Students prepare next to City Council member Steven Ultrino.

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