Humans of Malden 11/4


"I'd say that my greatest accomplishment is probably just learning to be okay with me. Freshman and sophomore year, I wasn't showing people who I really was because I felt like people wouldn't want to see it. I felt that if I were to put myself out there the way I wanted to, it would be bad. But then, I started to realize that it doesn't matter and it's not important, because everybody has something different about them. That helped me see that it doesn't matter if I'm one way or another, or if everybody else is, because we all have our differences and that's what makes the world go round really. So I'd say that my greatest accomplishment is just truly being me and it's what I'd tell anyone who is feeling the same way. No matter what grade you're in, if you're entering high school or even leaving high school and you don't know who you are, it's okay to be you because being everyone else is boring." #humansofmaldenhigh

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Cassandra Reyes

Cassandra Reyes is a junior at Malden High School and on her second year of working on the school’s newspaper, the Blue and Gold, as the Head of Sports. Reyes enjoys writing and developed a great interest in the newspaper after having Ryan Gallagher, newspaper advisor to the Blue and Gold, as a freshman English teacher. Reyes left the Salemwood Middle School with ambition to strive academically and socially, along with her enthusiasm to watch all of the MHS sporting events. Reyes has been Vice President for the Class of 2016 since her freshman year. She has two siblings and a dog. Reyes greatly values family and friendship. Her vigor will help her achieve her goals of attending college and becoming a social worker.

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