Malden High School’s Music Club is welcoming new members to play music and learn new musical skills. Music Club is offered to students of all skill levels and interests regarding music, whether one is a piano expert or simply interested in learning a few chords.

The club has evolved from being organized in a more orchestral fashion to a “come one, come all” group for music enthusiasts. Club founder junior Serena Nguyen describes Music Club as a place where “people could jam, come together and listen to music.” Music Club is located in the band room where an array of instruments are available for students to experiment with and perhaps discover a niche. More experienced members of the club are happy to share their expertise on an instrument and give small lessons on guitar, as Music Club prides itself on being a setting where people looking to work on their musical abilities can do so from any previous standpoint.

“Musicians often have to compete a lot, and I thought that Music Club could be a judgment free zone where people can play at different levels,” explains Nguyen. Members who are entirely inexperienced should not expect to become a guitar connoisseur but will certainly develop their individual musical skill whether from fellow members or exposure to instruments in general. Every member is appreciated, even students with little to no background.

As one enters Music Club, they will find a welcoming and relaxed environment filled with students playing various tunes with various instruments. Learning how to play music is a main feature of the club, but it is also a space where students can collect and share tastes. Jonathan Copithorne, Music Club’s advisor, describes the club as his “mellow out period”. The warm atmosphere of the club allows students to bond over their passions with music as just the initial topic of conversation. “I want members to explore a different side of themselves musically and artistically,” says Nguyen. “I want people to see and present things in a new way, not just by playing music but through sharing common interests in it and being open-minded to different styles and types of music because there is so much to appreciate.” From artists to appreciators, music is a pivotal interest, and Music Club serves as a middle ground for anybody with an affinity for music to connect.

Students at Music Club interact over common musical interests as members often play songs together and practice a variety of pieces. Members can suggest any kind of music to play and fellow students will be willing to experience it. One of Nguyen’s goals is to assemble at least two collective performances within the club, even if it is not a major one. Members find a common ground with music and can always find a piece to play, a song to listen to and an idea to discuss. “It’s very low pressure. You can learn what you want to learn and play the instruments you want to,” Copithorne states on the club’s importance. “We should continue to keep music in the school but it’s also a lot of pressure if you don’t know how to play an instrument and always wanted to. If you don’t have a guitar and can’t afford one, whatever the reason is, it is an opportunity to try something out.”

Music Club meets every other Tuesday in Erin Mazza’s room, H216.

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