Travel with the Tornados

The Tornado Travelers Club is the ideal club for you to join if you are an MHS student looking to travel. Marine biology teacher, Shauna Campbell, and math teacher, Sarah Jones, started the club in 2013 based on their passion for traveling.

The purpose of the club is for students to learn about the world and travel. Campbell wants students to be able to visit other places in the world where they might not have otherwise traveled. She also wants to introduce them to other lifestyles and cultures. Previous trips the club has taken include Costa Rica, China and Ecuador.

Campbell commented that she “loves traveling the world” and has been to over 25 countries. She added, “Going on all those trips made [her] experience a lot [of new cultures]” and that visiting new places is “better than just reading about them.” Her favorite place she visited was Scotland based on the “recreation and [large amount] of activities to do.”

The club will be traveling to Greece for nine days during February vacation. The trip will allow them to immerse themselves in Grecian history and culture. Preparation for the trip have been going on since last school year and there is growing excitement as the trip approaches.

Other trips to be made include Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and another trip to China. If you’re interested in joining the club meet with Campbell in room B442.

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