An Introduction to the Boys Indoor Track Team

By Tatum Skiffington and Gabriella Onessimo

The season has begun for Malden High School’s boys indoor track team. Following a year with great successes, there is a shared enthusiasm and determination among runners and coaches. The record last year for the team was 2-2 by the end of the season-- a triumphant record that is intended to be maintained by the team. “Last year was a great success. Beyond their undefeated record, the boys showed great character in their GBL, clenching the win at Somerville,” explained coach David Londino. He added that the team had “some of the top individual runners and throwers on the state stage.”

To follow up with the team’s previous accomplishments, Londino has great expectations for this year. “[Their] goal is to put together a well rounded team and try to win a third consecutive GBL championship.” They also “hope to have a number of state qualifiers” stated Londino. Although the season has merely begun, coaches and runners are driven to continue their streak of success. The season holds much excitement for everyone involved as the team prepares for future competitions. “There isn't a weak team in the GBL this season. The parity in the league will bring out the best in everyone and make for some exciting competition,“ Londino states.

Varsity track member junior Sam Pettigrew expressed his enthusiasm for the coming season, stating “[They’re] building up and [they] have new runners [with great potential.” Pettigrew added, that “they’re definitely looking forward to winning the GBL title again.” He also discussed his passion for track, expressing that “it keeps [him] really active and there’s a lot of competitive nature around here that makes [him] want to do better.” The runners and coaches “build each other up…[to] come together as a team and help eachother out,” concluded Pettigrew.

MHS looks forward to the upcoming indoor track season as the team looks to win the GBL title for the third consecutive year.

Tatum Skiffington

Tatum Skiffington, otherwise known as Tate, is a senior here at Malden High School. Tate is in her second year of Blue and Gold and currently holds the position of the art and design editor. Tate’s favorite thing to do is to listen to music, especially the bands The Front Bottoms, Brand New and Drake. In addition to listening to music, Tate likes to draw, make music and take photos. She’s very musical with gifted abilities in the guitar, piano, ukulele and singing. When it comes to television, she loves the show Skins and the movie Pulp Fiction. She has a Guinea pig named Peach, loves New York, and her favorite color is yellow. When talking about academics, Tate’s favorite class at Malden High is sociology. In the future, she sees herself working as a cosmetologist. Something she loves about Malden High is how supportive all of the staff here is to the students.

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