The Triangle Project: Helping People to Live Fuller Lives

The Triangle Project has been running since 1971. Triangle is meant to help people with disabilities live more independent lives. The project started off serving five people, and then blossomed into a program that now serves over 3,000 people from 170 different communities, all located in Southern New England.

Triangle has many different programs, one among them is called impact where they provide hands-on personal training. They do this because “men and women with intellectual disabilities are physically or sexually assaulted four to ten times more than non-disabled adults.” They have helped over 1,900 students with this program. Their goal is for their students to build confidence and be able to defend themselves.

This is not the only program Triangle has to help disabled people in their lives as they also have the School-to-Career Project. The School-to-Career Project is set to make sure that young adults secure employment and advance in their careers.

Their mission with this project is to get 16-24 year olds to achieve their career and education goals because “80% of young adults with disabilities who don’t have job experience before they graduate from high school will never secure employment.” To help these young adults, Triangle finds them internships at community partnerships, such as the Dockside Restaurants.  In this program Triangle has helped over 100 people start or continue their careers.

Triangle also has  Residential Services in which there are group homes where Triangle allows people to live more independent lives. In these homes they do chores and live with roommates. Families still have an active role in the resident’s lives while they live here. Triangle also ensures each individual’s assistance is different according to their needs.

Another program Triangle runs is Ablevision. Ablevision is a television and media program made and produced solely by people with disabilities. Ablevision has won multiple awards and garnered over a 100,000 views on Youtube. The crew members are placed in either the creative crew, the production crew, and the studio crew.

Malden has partnered with the Triangle Project, which has benefitted the community of special needs adults immensely. In Malden, seven workers from the Triangle Project are assigned to work three days per week during the Spring and Summer and contribute to cleaning up trash around the city.

If you are interested in visiting their location in Malden, they are located at 420 Pearl Street.

All quotes acquired from The Triangle Project’s website

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