Senior Bianca Alves has started this gymnastics season with high expectations for the team and a positive attitude. With a supportive and talented team as well as an encouraging coach, Alves believes the team will go far this season.

Alves was first introduced to gymnastics when she was in middle school and later joined Malden High School’s gymnastics team during her sophomore year. “Gymnastics seemed interesting to [her], especially the events on the floor and beam,” stated Alves. She was also inspired to start the sport after watching the Summer Olympics when she was younger. She then decided to try out for the sport and “has been in love with it ever since,” Alves explained.

Although Alves greatly enjoys gymnastics she mentioned that that it is a complicated sport. “Some may believe it is simple and does not require much work, but it is all about concentration on what you are doing and how much you believe in yourself” stated Alves. Despite the challenge, Alves’ supportive team helps her and drives her to continue improving on her technique. “[Her] teammates are always supporting and encouraging one another.” “Without each other’s support, [they] wouldn’t get as far as [they] do as a whole team,” explained Alves.

Alves enjoys watching her teammates improve and succeed alongside with her. During tryouts she remembers “people who barely knew anything about gymnastics walking in and ended up succeeding throughout the whole season.”

Gymnastics is about taking chances and follows the motto “you never know unless you try.” Alves encourages other to try things that scare them and make them uncomfortable “because you’ll never know [how things will turn out] unless you try.” She refers back to the motto to motivate her and hopes others follow the encouraging words as well.

Alves described her coach Vanessa James to be “extremely helpful to her and to the rest of the team.” She expressed that “[James] always sees the potential in people and makes them work hard to achieve what they want. [She] gives everyone a chance to shine.”

With her drive and support from her team, there are great expectations for Alves this season and the gymnastics team as a whole.  

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