Malden’s 2016 Inaugural Ceremonies

On Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, the 2016 Inaugural Ceremonies for the City of Malden took place at Malden High School in the Jenkins Auditorium. Mayor Gary Christenson and new members of the City Council and School Committee were sworn in while outgoing members were congratulated for their duty in their former positions.

State Representative Steve Ultrino, along with Adam Weldai, former Vice Chairman of the School Committee, opened up the night as the masters of ceremonies. Malden’s City Messenger, Jerry Foley, admitted the honorable city elect into the convention. As the officers of the Malden Police Department filed in, the City Council elect, and finally the School Committee elect followed behind.

Proceeding their admission, Christenson, who has served as mayor of Malden since 2012 and will continue to for the next four years, was admitted to the convention by Foley. His niece and nephew, Cassandra and Nicholas Israelson, were present on stage as his guests to assist him in reading the oath.

The Malden Girl Scouts Troop then led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Malden High School junior Maya Hayes who sang the national anthem. The youth of Malden were heavily involved in this year’s inauguration, including performances by the Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy, Elisha Lebeau from the Salemwood School, the Malden Golden Tornadoes Band led by Erin O’Brien-Mazza, and the MHS Choral Arts Society led by Todd Cole. Weldai commented on the “talent that comes out of this system,” describing it as “truly remarkable.”

Pastor Dan Ko of the Seven Mile Road Church in Malden offered a prayer before Christenson was sworn in for the people of Malden. He asked “God to … bind the hearts of the many diverse people in this city” and to “bind our hearts together to pursue the greatness of all.” Immediately after his prayer, Christenson was sworn in, pledging his allegiance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Christenson then swore in all of the elect of the City Council and School Committee.

Christenson began his speech reflecting on his life in Malden. “Four years ago, [he] stood in front of [the people], a humbled and honored MHS graduate about to fulfill his dream of becoming mayor,” and “four years later, [he is] still that same MHS grad.” He is “grateful … to the thousands of residents across [the] city, for believing not in [him], but rather believing in this city’s potential.” Accomplishments Christenson touched on included the demolition of the City Hall site and reconnection of Pleasant Street, the new Malden Police Station on Eastern Avenue, the opening of the Malden Teen Enrichment Center, a seven percent decrease in crime, and many more. Now, “not only are we realizing our potential, but others are as well.”

As Christenson concluded his speech, he reminded the elected officials that “[they] have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those [they] serve. [They] will not always agree, but [their] differences will only serve to challenge [them], and to ensure that [they] arrive at the best possible solutions.” He again thanked the people of Malden with his “deepest gratitude” for their “support and commitment to our city that has [him] waking up every day, seven days a week, and wanting to do everything [he] humanly can to help Malden be a better place for all.”  

To conclude the ceremonies, the outgoing officials were recognized. Many of them spoke of their time spent in office, all commenting on their shared pride for the accomplishments made as a team. Principal Dana Brown was also recognized for his work and on his retirement from the audience. The ceremonies ended with all officials sworn in, Christenson in office for four years, and all other officials for two. Congratulations to all of the new and returning officials on their election.

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