Free Book Giveaway at MHS

Do you know how to read? Do you like free things? Have you made it this far into this article already? You should definitely keep reading.

Abbey Dick, English teacher at Malden High, hosts a free book giveaway outside her room before major, long breaks, in school. The whole idea of the giveaway is to spark an interest in reading, or give students the books for when they’re “bored enough” to pick up and read, potentially starting a new interest in reading. “Students will read a book if they’re interested and you give it to them,” Dick said. “[The original] idea was that people would take a book and bring it back,” but hasn’t worked out that way so far.

The giveaway began before December Break, 2014, inspired by Little Free Library, a phenomenon stemmed from Hudson, Wisconsin in 2009. Schoolhouse shaped boxes sat in front of homes with signs reading “Free Books,” and thus, Little Free Library began. (More on Little Free Library here.) Because it was too short notice, a schoolhouse box was out of the question.

Dick expressed how students may not feel comfortable using the Malden High School library or the Malden Public library, or may not realize the opportunity they give. This tends to discourage students from reading, since to read a book, a book is usually needed. “It’s just that if you have a book, your chances of reading it are pretty good,” Dick said.

Since its 2014 debut, the giveaway has been a success, leaving little to no books left at the end of the day. Teachers, parents students, friends of friends, have all donated books to the giveaway, and any left go to the Malden Public Library for their annual book sale. On the many donations, Dick said, “Teachers have given me books and they’re like, ‘I have books, but I don’t think kids would be interested’ but kids take everything.

Abbey Dick encourages teachers, parents and students to bring donations to her room, BR478, and encourages students to stop by her room on February 12, to pick up books to read during February break.

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