Malden High School: New Principal

Malden High is excited to welcome the new principal Edward Lombardi to the community. Before winter break the search committee narrowed down the search to Lombardi, bringing him back for further questioning. After the further questioning it became evident that Lombardi was the best fit for this important role.

A high school principal is the leader of the school, the role model for the school and the students, which is the reason for the extensive questioning by the search committee. Junior Allyson Kummins stated that it is important for the new principal to be someone who “always listens to the ideas from both students and teachers and usually makes it happen.” The importance of an involved and supportive principal could not be stressed enough.

Sophomore Kylee Roberts spoke for all of MHS when she exclaimed that we are all “excited for a new perspective in the building and to see how Malden High life changes.” It is important that the new principal has “a good understanding of the friendly and positive dynamic of MHS,” stated Junior Gus Brookes.

Principals represent their schools meaning the committee had to lead a long search to find the best representation of the school. The committee seems to be confident in the possibly extravagant representation discovered in Lombardi.

Lombardi does, in fact, have experience in Lawrence and in urban education that “will serve him well at Malden” as stated by English Teacher and Drama Director Sean Walsh. The tremendous passion sought after was expressed by Lombardi making him a suitable candidate.

The diverse nature of Malden calls for a principal capable of embracing immense quantities of miscellany. For the duration of the interviewing process, the committee asked series of questions pertaining to areas such as experience, promotion of the school, visions for the school and Malden community, etc. The extensive interviewing was enormous assistance into discovering the candidates with realistic and hopeful visions for the MHS community as a whole. Lombardi displayed the necessary drive and passionate forward-thinking mind to run MHS smoothly.

Students here at MHS such as Junior Jessica Montezuma express their desire to find “a sense of trust and connection: within the new principal. The needed trust and connections can be established through potent communication with the community. Walsh revealed that Lombardi portrayed himself to the committee as “an effective communicator and collaborator.”

Malden is excited to see the various ways the new principal will impact the community during his incoming years at MHS.

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