Swim Season Wrap Up

As the winter season begins to dwindle out, so doesn’t the swim season. The team accomplished an impressive record of 6-0, proving itself once again to be a top competitor.

The top goal for the team as a whole was to improve together in their time as well as scores from previous years in order to secure wins in hopes to clench the GBL title. Their hard work paid off as they dominated the GBL and gained the title once again.    

Freshman Joanne Ho mentioned that developing her swimming skills was an important goal for her but a greater goal was to “also grow close enough to the team to call them [her] second family, [which] they are.” This season was “amazing [for Ho] due to all the support and [she] wouldn't have accomplished any of [her] goals if it were not for the team[‘s encouragement].”

With the season wrapping up, all of the team's focus is on sectionals and states. Sectionals will take place on Feb. 12 and Feb. 14, 2016 with states following days later on Feb. 19 and Feb 21, 2016. Tireless effort and hard work has been demonstrated throughout the season and is still required for the swimmers attending states and sectionals. With teamwork and determination, the team knows they will come out victorious.

Being on a team often makes one feel safe and part of a second family. This holds true for MHS’s swim team. Having a great connection with the team not only builds confidence but is a vital component if a team is to grow stronger together. Sophomore Pete Jinapin described the “team [to be] like a family to [him], and the best part about being on this great team is the undying friendship and the friendly competitions.” He continued in saying that “[he] will definitely remember [his] teammates...after [he graduates].” “[He feels] that the most important thing a team can provide [are] memories.”

Swimming requires best efforts from individuals but comes together as a team effort. Freshman Agatha Silva loves that swimming “is not a one person type of sport.” “Whenever one of the team members is swimming you will always see [them] cheering them on to do the best that they can do. [They] either win together or lose together.”

Not only has the team gained new members but also great memories to be carried on after the season is over. Ho mentioned that her favorite memory with the team would have to be “when the team was at [senior captain] Samantha Forestier's house and [they] were playing a

 game with the entire team, [which] was hilarious. It was great seeing everybody getting along and opening up to each other, being a freshman especially.”

Doing a sport is not always practicing the sport itself, it is meeting new people, making memories and achieving goals as a whole team.

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