With hard work and a collective resilience exerted throughout the season, boys indoor track finished strong with a record of 4-1. The team focused on improving their abilities and reaching their personal and shared goals, a feat that Coach David Londino proudly believes was accomplished. Londino stated that the performance of the boys season “played out as [he] hoped” from the team’s triumphs to individual achievements.

Hamza running in a race. Photo by Abhishek Rana.
Junior Hamza Rizvancevic running in a race. Photo by Abhishek Rana.

Londino and the team “look forward to [their] top individual performers doing well at the state meet” where qualifiers will have the chance to achieve champion status at the Division 1 state meet. Qualifiers include Reggie Charles (55m), junior Hamza Rizvancevic (4x400m relay), Sam Ali (4x400m relay), Pedro Lugo (4x400m relay) and Abdul Ali (4x400m relay).

While individual improvements were strong this season, the team’s overall performance also thrived as they successfully persevered in recovering from their only loss against Saugus. Londino mentioned that an exceptional asset of the track team is its “ability to maintain focus and improve in spite of obstacles.”

Lugo has had a highly rewarding experience this track season. He earned the opportunity to be a GBL qualifier, which was one of his most significant accomplishments this season. Not only did he reach his goal of acquiring eligibility for states, but track has affected him on a personal level as well. “It’s taught [him] how to fight through certain things like injuries,” stated Lugo. “When [he’s] tired [he has] to continue and push through.”

Junior Pedro Lugo going down the track. Photo by Abhishek Rana.
Junior Pedro Lugo going down the track. Photo by Abhishek Rana.

This season was also successful for Juan Buenrostro, a varsity athlete on the team. He found practicing alongside fellow runners to be one of his favorite aspects of track and is eager for next season. “During this track season [he] met a lot of new people who [he] came to like because [they] all love running just as much as [he] do[es],” stated Buenrostro.

With many wins and advancements, the boys indoor track team lead a great season this winter. The progress made by the athletes will certainly be picked up next year when indoor track season comes around again.

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