Five Reasons Why I Wish Wish My Best Friend Went to the Same High School as Me

I remember the day I found out my very best friend was moving from Malden. I can’t even tell you how many tears were shed from the both of us. As little seventh graders, we were worried about how we would see each other or if another person would take our “BFF” spots. Though our friendship is still going, it’s still tough not having her in the same school as me at times.

Here are five reasons why I wish my best friend went to the same high school as me:

  1. They don’t know who you’re venting about.

School was tough today and I just need to vent. I pick up my phone and FaceTime my BFF and I’m quickly reminded that she doesn’t know that teacher or that friend. Frustratingly, I have to go into a speedy background story of my whole relationship with that person and try to describe their character just to tell her why they got me in a bad mood. Being who she is, my best friend tries her hardest to understand me and give me advice, but since she’s never interacted with that person, it’s hard for her to really feel my pain.

  1. We can’t hang out on weekdays.

Homework isn’t really my priority tonight. I just want to drive to my friend’s house after work, order Domino’s, put on a movie and act like the rest of the day didn’t happen, ignoring all responsibilities until 7:45 the next morning. Then I remember she lives 30 minutes away, maybe an hour with rush hour traffic, so I guess I’ll just go home and start my homework.

  1. We can’t do group projects together.

Group projects are hard enough as it is. The anxiety of having to put your trust into one person to hold up their end of the bargain is no fun. Without a doubt, my partner would always be my best friend. I know that she would put in equal effort and we’d have fun while doing it too.

  1. We aren’t involved in the same things.

Whether it be painting each other’s faces blue and gold for the big Malden vs. Everett game or walking down to the class assembly together, these are things I’ve had to do without my best friend. She doesn’t go to MHS so she isn’t a Golden Tornado fan and quite frankly I don’t care about her school’s sports either. My class assemblies don’t pertain to her and vice versa. Seeing how we spend a majority of our time in school, it stinks that we don’t get to do any of it together.


This has to be the hardest hit that we’ve had to our long-distance friendship. It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be in the stands hooting and hollering for my best friend on her graduation day. But of course, with our luck, senior year has come and we find out that our graduations are on the same day at the same time. That’s just heart-breaking.

Luckily, our friendship has proven to be more than an in-school one and the distance hasn’t separated us. That being said, it would still be a lot easier, and more fun, if we walked the same halls.

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