Humans of Malden 3/8


“When I was eight, I was diagnosed with diabetes. One day, I was just watching TV and I went to the bathroom about twelve times in something like fifteen minutes. [My family and I] were suspicious about what was happening, so we went to the clinic. They checked my blood sugar and they told me that I had diabetes. It was very hard on both me and my family. When I tell people this, they ask me if I had the chance, would I ever go back and change to stop this from happening. And I tell them no, because it made me who I am today. It taught me to stay grounded and become more humble. That experience is very important and means a lot to me, because without my diagnosis, I don’t know who I would be.” #humansofmaldenhigh

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Sam Martinez

Samuel Martinez is a reporter and videographer for the Blue and Gold newspaper, who is mainly interested in covering sports. As part of the class of 2018, Martinez hopes to enter the medical field after high school, and one day become a surgeon. Martinez enjoys reading the Harry Potter series as well as watching the television series, "Ugly Betty." His favorite singer is FKA Twigs and his favorite band is Crystal Castles. When asked why he joined the Blue and Gold, he answered by saying that he wanted to try something that he normally would not do.

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