Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program Opens Applications


Although March seems to just have begun many students are beginning to prepare for summer in various ways. For many this means seeking out summer employment which keeps students busy and able to earn needed money.

Kelli Collomb, teacher at MHS, and Karen Hayes, from the Mayor’s office, stated that “since Mayor Christenson's staff have begun administering the program, youth jobs have grown by approximately 125% and [the program has] over 50 different job sites which host youth.”

This program last for 6 weeks each summer and the weekly work hours can vary depending on the employee’s age. Normally, over 550 students in Malden apply for this program and then around 300 out of those 550 students are brought in for interviews. Typically, over 250 of these students are offered positions  around the city.

There are various types of jobs available to the youth and this program attempts to match the student's’ interests and abilities with the best fitting job for each student. Jobs vary from office settings, outdoor work, work with children, tutoring, and work indoors. There are over 50 potential worksites associated with the Mayor’s Summer Youth Program.

Collomb also informed that “the program has a curriculum, Signal Success, that every youth worker attends. It is a 2 hour class that is held every week and covers topics such as: workplace safety, career interests, learning styles, teamwork, professional appearance, communication, collaboration, dependability, financial literacy, sexual harassment and respecting differences.” The benefits of this program are endless as it furthers the development of youth’s skills for careers and communication.

In addition, Collomb expressed that “early work experience is critical to success in adult life. Youth have the ability to earn money and buy things for themselves, and many help their families with purchasing food or paying bills. Many youth have said they feel responsible, helpful, and that they feel as if they are contributing to their futures, their families and the city. This confidence and sense of purpose is likely to follow through with each new thing a youth tries.”

The Mayor’s Youth Program is a great experience for youth to learn responsibility and how to act at work. It also is well for keeping students busy over the summer which helps students have access to money to be able to go out with friends or even save up for future events such as driving school or college.

Students can go to the following link to find an application to be filled out and submitted by April 8th. The link will also provide more information on the summer schedule for those participating in the Mayor’s Summer Youth Program.

Megan Downer

Senior Megan Downer has been in the Blue and Gold since her freshman year and is now the newspaper’s Editor-In-Chief. Before coming to Malden High, she went to Ferryway for middle school. When Megan has any free time she likes to motivate herself to either read or write. Writing for her is an “outlet for raw emotions” which is what motivates her to pick up some paper and a pen and let the words flow. Megan’s other hobbies include hiking and being outside. She also enjoys watching shows such as Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill. She is part of Malden High’s varsity field hockey team as lucky number 7. If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would “probably [be] some good chicken, mac and cheese and a biscuit.” and if she had to wear only one color for the rest of her life, she would choose maroon or black because it “goes with everything.” After high school, her goals are to finish college, become a successful writer and to go into a career that helps others.

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