New Principal, New Rules?

With the new incoming principal next year, there may also be new rules introduced to Malden High School. Some upcoming seniors have expressed concern about senior privileges and whether or not the rules are going to change. Some of the best parts about being a senior are the privileges one earns. These privileges have been in place for between 10-11 years. The school had to get permission from the school board and committee before allowing them.

To be able to acquire senior privileges, a student’s fourth quarter report card grades from junior year are reviewed. Too many absences and tardies or grades below a 79 may prevent one from being eligible for these privileges. “If you maintain good grades but have too many absences, you are not given senior privileges,” stated Principal Dana Brown.

Junior Erin Mulcahy explained that senior privileges are “what’s motivating [her] to get [her] grades up, besides college obviously.” These privileges include going off campus to local businesses to purchase food as well as coming in late or leaving school early if you have a study first period or a study last period. “Nothing says senior year like a buffalo chicken pizza and an iced coffee,” joked Mulcahy.

Brown expressed, “[He] hope[s] the new principal doesn’t change a lot right away [and] hope[s] he figures out what works the first year or two and then decides what needs to be fixed.” Mulcahy also stated that “[she] knows that [students and staff at MHS] have been very lucky [to have] Mr. Brown [as a principal], but [she] hopes [the] new principal understands the importance of [senior privileges to the students at MHS].”

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