Senior Internships on the Horizon

The end of the year is approaching which entails that another set of seniors will be graduating from Malden High School. While many seniors will have their last day of high school come May, some seniors will be leaving in April. These seniors will be partaking in an internship program in a field of study that sparks their interest.

If eligible, students can choose an internship under the following fields of work: business, hospitality/tourism, accounting, medical field, medical secretary, social work, marketing/management, athletic training/physical therapy, automotive technology,  environmental science, computer science, real estate, and outward bound/outdoor education.

Principal Dana Brown expressed that business, medical, law enforcement, IT and working with children “tend to be big fields.” A large sum of the seniors that are involved in the internship program travel to the K-8 schools across Malden, the daycares, or even the YMCA.

MHS’s senior internship program is unique and segways students into the real world before graduating. As described by Brown, “this is a good program for the right student.” He doesn’t “think it’s the right program for every student but for the students who are really interested in [certain professions], this is a great experience.” This gives students an inside look into what the reality of their dream job consists of. 

After about ten years of the senior internship program, many students are still excited about this great opportunity that allows them to explore their interests and leave high school a little sooner. Several students have even been able to start their own businesses right out of high school such as t-shirt design businesses or their own manufacturing of wood products.

For seniors interested in applying for an internship they must propose their idea to the Internship Committee here at MHS. Before discussing their idea with the committee, students should already have gone to the location where they seek an internship and ask permission to intern there. The high school usually has connections with the K-8 schools, city hall, and other various local establishments. For students who struggle to find their own internship, the staff at MHS are happy to help them find an internship that suits their interests.

The Senior Internship program is an incredible experience for those seeking first-hand knowledge in their field of interest.

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