The eighth annual Student vs Faculty Basketball game took place on March 16th 2015 in the Finn Gym. The doors opened at 2:45 while the game began at 3pm and ended around 4:30pm. Over twenty teachers and faculty participated in a heated game against the best of basketball players at Malden High School.

This year, the profits from the game were a fundraiser for the Tornado Travelers Club, a club that allows students from MHS to travel all across the globe. The club is run by Science teacher Shauna Campbell and math teacher Sarah Jones. Campbell claims that “This year, 352 students attended the game. [The game] usually has about 350 to 400 students each year.” Campbell explains that each student that is going on a trip through the club “sells their own tickets. The tickets were $3 each, and $2 from each ticket goes towards a student’s actual trip. The extra dollar goes towards the green t-shirts the teachers wore as a thank you for their participation in the game. Tickets that are sold to teachers or at the door go towards scholarships.”

Sophomore Tiffany Tortora attempting to score. Photo by Meghan Yip.

The student-faculty basketball game was not always a fundraiser for the Tornado Travelers Club. Campbell secured the event as a fundraiser for the club a few years ago, as she claims that “the first two games was a fundraiser for [the] graduating class. When that class graduated, [Campbell] asked to make it a fundraiser for the Tornado Travelers.” This was the fifth basketball game that Tornado Travelers have ran.

On participating in the game, Campbell thought that “it was fun to play with the students. [She] coaches crew, so playing another sport with other students is really fun. [She] also thinks it was really fun to play with [her] colleagues because since [teachers] are in our classrooms all the time, [they] never really get the chance to see each other so doing an extra activity with [other teachers] is really awesome.

Students from the game come directly from the boys and girls basketball teams here at Malden High, from freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity. Campbell sent emails to teachers about the game to see if they were interested. Teachers and students alike greatly enjoyed being in the game. Math teacher Elizabeth Gibbons claims that “it was really fun to practice and play with fellow staff members and students. [She] chose to participate in the game because it’s a fun opportunity for students to watch their teachers do something out of their element. It’s also a great fundraiser.”

Boys team anticipating a point. Photo by Meghan Yip

The first and third quarters of the game were played by the females, and the second and fourth quarters were played by the males. Guidance counselor Taryn Belowsky scored the most shots for the female teachers with 22 points, and both freshmen Salma Bezzat and senior Tishia Stroud scored the most points for the female students with 22 points each. History teacher Jonathan Copithorne scored the most points for the male teachers with 23 points and junior Nate Ilebode scored the most points for the male students with 22 points. To entertain the crowd during the halftime intermission, a group of sophomores and juniors along with teachers Kate Haskell, Jessica Sullivan, Rebecca Corcoran, Chris Giordano and Kate Bizier danced to a remixed version of Bell Biv Devoe’s  “Poison” and Missy Elliott’s “WTF (Where They From)”.

Math teacher Chris Giordano during the halftime show. Photo by Meghan Yip

The final score of the game was 49-48 with the teachers earning a victory, both for themselves and for the Tornado Travelers Club.


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