The Start of Softball Season

Softball is finally in season, and the Malden High School team is ready to play. The captains this year are seniors Haley Hoffman, Megan Gilligan, and Alexis Brown. The team has many goals this season and is willing to go the extra mile. One of their main goals is to beat their long time rival, Everett.

In previous years, MHS’s softball team made history with two wins against Everett. Both sophomores Ashlyn Fitzpatrick and Mackenzie Furlong’s favorite memory in their previous softball years was when they had their big win against Everett.

Hoffman has played softball since the age of five. She grew up with softball in her life, so it’s always been one of her passions. Hoffman’s goals include “hav[ing] a strong bond with [her] team and [to] have a good mindset.” Hoffman will be playing second base and backup pitcher.

Fitzpatrick is also excited to be on this year’s varsity team as a sophomore. Similar to Hoffman, Fitzpatrick started playing when she was five years old as well. She is happy that she is on the team because her “team is close, [they’re] like a family.” Fitzpatrick will be playing in the outfield.

Furlong is one of the three sophomores to make it to varsity this year. She will be playing shortstop.

The softball team will face Lowell on Apr. 6, 2016 in Lowell. Furlong expressed that “[she] is very excited about [their] first game. Lowell is very talented and it should be a great game for us to prepare for the season.” She continued, “[They] are excited, ready, and focused.” Best of luck to the softball team this season.

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