Spring Break is only about two  weeks away, and you still don’t have anything to do?

Here are some ideas:


  • Relax! - We been in school for about seven months and you must be stressed out from all staying up late at night doing homework! So the most obviously thing to do during break is to just chill! Think of some ways that could help to relax you like watch tv or play video games or even sleep!


  • Going to the Movies- Many movies are coming out in April, so grab your friends and enjoy it! A comedy or sci fi film could go along for the spring mood. Enjoy the week of laughter and sights of action with friends.


  • Water Balloon Fight- Another way to bond with your friends is to simply have fun in your backyard! Having a small balloon fight is both fun and helps you to cool down within the humid weather. Just buy the balloons at any local pharmacy and fill them with water and enjoy!


  • Visit places/attractions- Six flags, Canobie Lake Park are some of the few places you can go to with your friends/family. If you’re going to another state or country, find the cheapest airline that is affordable.


  • Sports- Get active and take simple jogs around your neighborhood or play a sport.



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