Girls Lacrosse Profile: Isabelle Maraschi

Sophomore Isabelle Maraschi waiting for the play. All photos by Anna Powers.
Sophomore Isabelle Maraschi waiting for the play. All photos by Anna Powers.

With the girls lacrosse season just kicking off, stars are rising on the varsity team. One of them is sophomore Isabelle Maraschi. Maraschi started lacrosse freshman year and has been playing ever since. She started playing because “lacrosse seemed like a challenging, yet rewarding sport and [she] decided [she] wanted to try it out.” Not only does Maraschi play lacrosse, but she also plays soccer. When it comes to balancing both academics and sports, Maraschi says that it is best to always keep them separate.

The girls lacrosse team is known for their comprehensive skills and positive attitude. Maraschi is not exception. Maraschi’s favorite thing about being on the team is the “atmosphere [they] create when [they] play together and [their] relationship with each other.”

Although she is a younger member on the varsity team, that doesn’t stop Maraschi from shining throughout practices and games. She notes that “it can be intimidating and challenging at times, but it’s great to practice and play with opponents who are experienced and who give [her] a hard challenge.” Overall, Maraschi says that so far “[the] season has been great and [she] has already been learning and growing as a lacrosse player.”

No matter what level any varsity player is at, it is always important to have some goals set. Maraschi states that she wants to “have goal’s at all times and score without fear.” With these goals set for the season, Maraschi hopes to keep on improving with her own skills. To underclassmen, Maraschi offers the following advice when playing with upper classmen, “they’re trying to scare you, so scare them. Get that ball with no fear and score.”

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