Softball Profile: Freshman Taylor Bozzi

The softball team welcomed a new and very talented member this year, freshman Taylor Bozzi. Bozzi has a huge passion for softball, and it all started after she hit her first homerun. “[She] used to play t-ball as a kid, and someone mistook [her] for a boy”, expressed Bozzi. Bozzi first started to play when she was about five, it was all her dad ever wanted her to play. “[Her] dad loves it a lot, and so [she] started to play it, and now that passion that he shares with the game, [she does] too”.

It’s been a little over a month since spring sports have started, and Bozzi has already learned many new techniques that will help her in the long run of her future softball careers. “[She] learned to never give up, and to create a genuine bond [with team members]”, stated Bozzi.

Bozzi is one of the few freshman to make it onto the varsity team. She usually is a designated hitter, but she plays in the outfield sometimes too. After asking Bozzi about how she feels to be on the varsity team as a freshman, she expressed that “it feels good, but [she gets] really nervous.” Bozzi feels “proud to play on varsity because [she] knows that [she] is capable.” She’s very thankful for the opportunities Coach Timmons has given her on the team, and is ready for a great rest of the season ahead of her with the rest of the softball team.

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