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The softball season is coming to a close with only three more games left. Throughout the season, the team has demonstrated outstanding positivity and support towards one another during their games. The team has grown and succeeded with a record of 8 wins and 4 losses. They have grown closer together and have created unbreakable friendships.

Regardless of the current 4 losses on their record, the team members did not refrain from keeping a positive attitude throughout the rest of the season. Sophomore Mackenzie Furlong explained how “[she] learned that the game is never over until the last out in the last inning, and to never give up because a lot can happen when working as a team”. This positive attitude is also echoed by senior captains Haley Hoffman, Megan Gilligan, and Alexis Brown.

Both the individual and team growth is apparent. Furlong stated that “although it wasn’t [their] best season, [she] created a bond with each and every one of the girls.” Freshman Taylor Bozzi learned to “never put [her] head down when [she] make[s] an error”.

Many team members, especially the captains, maintained goals this season to help exert effort from the season’s beginning through end.  One of the main goals as Furlong stated earlier in the season was to make it to GBL’s. As for Gilligan who is one of the captains, her goal was to “be a good captain to [her] teammates and also come across as approachable, and to spread positive energy to the team, and [she thinks she] was able to fulfill that.”

In continuation of the team’s success, they’ve also demonstrated great respect for opposing teams in which they’ve played against. On Wednesday May 18, the team played a game against Somerville. The game was dedicated to the seniors of both teams. Malden’s softball team gifted each senior from the Somerville team a flower, and recognized their hard work as a team. The team showed great effort and positivity and played a winning score of 14 to 0. 

Many of the members that are on the team are excited to come back next season with more energy and determination to win. Furlong expresses that,“[her] biggest advice to anyone who would like to try out next season is to definitely come ready to work each and everyday, and to be a coachable player. Pick one another up. Just come and be positive.”

The positivity and encouragement from the captains will remain until the last game. Though the season is finally, MHS looks forward to what becomes of the future of the softball team.

Senior Alexis Brown pitching the ball. Photo by Nada Tuffaha
Senior Alexis Brown pitching the ball. Photo by Nada Tuffaha

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