Field Hockey: Sticking Into The Season

The girls field hockey team has hit it off with a brand new season ahead of them, the team is more than adrenalized for anything that awaits them. With new add-ons to the team, all members as well as the coaches expects to see splendid games this season.

The team has been putting their full efforts in game or in practice. Despite not winning a game yet, the girls are positive that they are stronger than ever and will soon win. The girls are working harder than ever and putting their best efforts to start the season off with a good beginning.

According the one of the three captains of team, senior Erin Mulcahy, not only has the team been improving every day but herself as well. “[She thinks] that every day [they] get stronger and stronger, [they] push ourselves and each other everyday. Winning isn’t everything for [them], [they] focus more on communication and perseverance.” Mulcahy has been playing all four years of her high school career, and hopes to continue this passion for field hockey in college.

Coach, Kimberly Barber, states that the team has been growing little by little and she is very proud of this years team. “[They] grow with every game. [They] set small goals to help [them] grow and develop every game. [She’s] very proud of the steps [they’ve] taken thus far,” states Barber. Kimberly Barber had played field hockey when she was younger and wants to have influence like her coach did.

Senior Caitlyn Leonard, another captain of the field hockey team says “[They] all get along so well and have each others’ backs. Being a part of the team has also made [her]  proud to be one of the captains of the Malden High School field hockey team because the players [they] have are truly resilient”. Leonard has been playing field hockey since the sixth grade, She wants to inspire other young girls to join field hockey.

The last captain out of the, three captains is senior Julia Cocuzzo. She also believes that the team has improved a lot. “[She’s] extremely grateful to have players that push themselves everyday and even though [their] records might not show it, the team works hard to become a better team and better players”.

The team is more than ready. As Mulcahy said “[They] really want to go out with a bang”.


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