Junior Giovanna Lanciani has been a part of the cheerleading team for three years. When she was a freshmen, she decided to try something new. Aside from cheering, Lanciani does gymnastics and dances competitively. This year, Lanciani set goals for herself as a new flyer on the team. ¨This is [her] first year flying,” and she is working her hardest. This season so far, she believes that she has been improving. ¨[She] learned how to do a full up which before [she] couldn’t do a low. You start sitting and you have to twist to go up.¨

According to Lanciani, the environment and the people in it makes cheering so special to her. ¨ In cheering, [they] have to work together to keep the stunts up and to make sure everything is on time so it’s really working together.¨ She also mentions how gymnastics is a self sport but cheering consist of working together which is also why it is so special to her. When asked about her favorite part of cheering, Lanciani responded with, ¨competitions, because [she dances] competitively so [she’s] used to competing. So [she loves] that more than just cheering at a game.¨

Lanciani describes that her experience with cheering is going very good. “[She feels] like [they] really try hard to work as a team. But [she feels] like every year something always happens that sets [them] back but [they] have to overcome it.¨ She thinks the fact that her and her team can persevere and push through the challenges that come their way is very good. Lanciani says that winning against Everett was her best memory in the years that she has been cheering. “[They] haven’t beat them in 27 years so when [they] beat them last year it was a big deal for everyone.¨When performing the cheers, the emotions that go through her mind are excitement and nervousness as well. “[She’s] excited because [she likes] the feeling of it but [she gets] nervous to make sure [she hits] everything on time.¨

Her advice for others who might want to join the cheering team is to just come with a positive attitude work hard and show that you want to be there.


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