New Athletics Director Charlie Conefrey

Malden High school welcomed many new teachers as well as leadership changes. For the Athletics Department, former Physical Education teacher Charlie Conefrey has taken a position as Athletics Director.

Former Athletics Director Dan Keif took a new position at Beverley High School, leaving an open position to be filled.

Conefrey was a physical education teacher at Malden High School for four years, after teaching at Salemwood school for one. Conefrey went through the Malden Public School system, going to Forestdale school and graduating Malden High School.

As a child, Conefrey wanted to be a basketball player, but he was a “little too short to make it there.” He was always passionate about physical education and health, leading him to a future career as athletics director.

Conefrey went to Wentworth college, playing basketball, but left and finished his degree online at the University of Phoenix. Conefrey later went on to pursue his Masters degree in school administration at Cambridge College.

Before getting the job, Conefrey was aware of the opening, due to Keif’s departure. He was just finishing up his Master’s degree, and was interviewed by new principal Ted Lombardi and other administrative staff, later finding out he got the job.

Being a P.E. teacher and being athletics director, is “widely different” says Conefrey. Although Conefrey enjoyed teaching, he is enjoying his new leadership position much more. The position was a “natural fit” for Conefrey, as he enjoys making a “positive influence” and strives to encourage and make positive changes.

As athletics director, Conefrey’s job is to “oversee, evaluate, and instruct” all of Malden Public Schools’ physical education departments for grades k-12. Also, as atheltics director, Confrey has the responsibility of hiring and evaluating coaches, and overseeing Malden High Schools’ nearly 30 sports teams. As for Conofrey’s job over the student athletes, he makes sure they are doing what they need to be academically, and “representing Malden in a positive manner, on and off the field of play.”

Conefrey’s wife, also a teacher at Malden High School, Raisa Conefrey, says that Confrey got the position as athetics director, because of his passion and knowledge for athletics [and] fitness [that] shined through in his interview.” Raisa Conefrey also notes her husband’s connections to the city, as a graduate of the Malden Public School system.

New athletic director, Charlie Conefrey posing for a photo. Photo taken by Ryan Hames.
New athletic director, Charlie Conefrey posing for a photo. Photo taken by Ryan Hames.


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