This year, Malden High is welcoming back to the English Department, Nierika Nims. Nims is currently teaching Grade 10, 11 and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. Growing up in Cambridge, Nims was inspired by many teachers who impacted her life and reports that she always enjoyed working with young people. Nims recalled voluntarily correcting her young brother’s homework for him, revealing that her love for the subject of English made it seem that teaching literature and writing was a natural fit for her. Before pursuing a career in teaching, she went to the University of Rochester for her undergrad to major in Psychology and English, then went for her Masters Degree at Tufts University.

Nierika Nims. Photo taken by Neden Bernadin.
Nierika Nims. Photo taken by Neden Bernadin.

Nims had chose to teach English as her career because it’s her passion. She also explains how English class allows students to be able to do almost anything with it still being relevant to the class.

When originally applying to Malden High School, what grabbed her attention was the size of the school and found it to be "a vibrant and exciting place," between the diversity among the students and staff. She believes that students at MHS are special and doesn't find that often in other schools.    

Her motivation to continue teaching is the students and hoping they see her as "someone who is open-minded and really values learning and hope[s] to pass that on." Overall, she is looking forward to experience another year here.

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