On Thursday, January 26, 2017 the Malden Public Library decided to host their annual 19th Trivia night at the restaurant Anthony’s. This is the second to last Trivia night that the Malden Library would be hosting.

This year’s Trivia night is dedicated to Dr. George Holland and James Norton, both having recently passed away. The event included a mini band and 4 round, with 5 minute intermissions in between the rounds.

Some teams participating were like, Mayor’s Motttley Crew, which of course included Mayor Gary Christenson, MATV, and the winners of this year’s best decorated team, Chambers of Commerce, who dressed like characters from Harry Potter, and more. To start of the game, previous high school students of Malden high school and Mystic valley sang their school song.

They played games like Dead or Alive where a representative from each team had to choose whether the celebrity had passed away or not with the two pads they held. With every penalty that a team makes, they had to pay money.

The winners of night would be able to win a ice cream cake. There was also lottery games where each team purchases a arm length amount of tickets. Overall, the night was a success as every group had fun with not only their groupmates, but with their fellow Maldonians.

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